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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 17, 2017, 9:08 AM

Section 1 -

Leopard gecko DTA entry transparent by lalacat2000Taking a walk by lalacat2000Helix icon by lalacat2000 Your journey lies ahead by lalacat2000  Life hurts a lot more than death by lalacat2000Rihanna icon by lalacat2000  Uh hi by lalacat2000  New companion by lalacat2000
I caught you by lalacat2000 Enreeu Comission by lalacat2000  Enreeu Commission 2 by lalacat2000 Tobi AT by lalacat2000 The lovebean 1# by lalacat2000  Decoration for Halloween by lalacat2000  Boo by lalacat2000 Crazy witchdoctor by lalacat2000  Happy B-day Griff by lalacat2000 Icon for wintricacy by lalacat2000  The goodbye 4# by lalacat2000  2. Icon for wintricacy by lalacat2000  Two Beans (video link below) by lalacat2000  BB requests by lalacat2000  BB requests 2 by lalacat2000  Little red riding bean  by lalacat2000 Pretty bean 1 by lalacat2000 BB requests 3 by lalacat2000  BB chibi surprise by lalacat2000  Squad time by lalacat2000  Pen identity trial- all in one by lalacat2000  Candy corn by lalacat2000  Soft scarf by lalacat2000  Hello there by lalacat2000  Cute plants by lalacat2000  I come in peace by lalacat2000 Just hanging around by lalacat2000  Prince Whisp~ by lalacat2000 Mythical Couple by lalacat2000 Tinsel queen by lalacat2000 Long hair by lalacat2000  Snowy dawn by lalacat2000  Answer 2 by lalacat2000  Give me a kiss by lalacat2000  Yummy by lalacat2000

Section 2 -

Spring Carnival TRACKER

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 17, 2017, 3:52 AM

Games I want to join:

tICKET by griffsnuff
Tier 1 games:

-Mod mess x1

Tier 2 games:
-Companion poem  x5
-Fish-a-Nubi (OPEN)  x5
- The Golden Duck -Teir 2 x5

Tier 3 games:
- Cafluffle Count  x10
- Bobbing for Allies  x10

Tier 4 games:
- Beango  x15

The Wheel of Bean Fortune  x20

Active Ticket entries

Expression terror 1 by lalacat2000+1

Pie eating contest 1 by lalacat2000 x2

Flower child 3 by lalacat2000 x2

Vermin hunt 1 by lalacat2000 x5


Active Tickets =10

Unactive Ticket entries

Spring dress up 1 by lalacat2000
Pop a bean ballon 1 by lalacat2000 -23

Flower child 2 by lalacat2000 -10

Paint some faces 2 by lalacat2000 -10

Paint some faces 1 by lalacat2000 -3

Flower child 1 by lalacat2000 -6

Spring dress up (Horror/Villain) by lalacat2000-8

Tickets spent = 70

Lucky Lucky one time plucky - 0

Tier 1 Game entries

Tier 2 Game entries

Clemmy's cart riot - 5

Fish-a-Nubi (OPEN) (UPDATED) -5

The Golden Duck -Teir 2 -5

Tier 3 Game entries

Cafluffle Count

Tier 4 Game entries

Beango -15

The Wheel of Bean Fortune -20

Prizes recieved

Clemmy's cart riot:
Money bean by griffsnuffx1
Tamer bean by griffsnuffx1

The Wheel of Bean Fortune:
Swirl bean by griffsnuff

Cafluffle Round 6 Winner:
6 2 by Kandy-Cube

The Golden Duck -Teir 2:
Star bean by griffsnuffx1

Golden Geo Gamble
Small Geotura custom + tamerbean

Any Griffian you own that has participated in this Carnival

Pen - rebase ref by lalacat2000 430 - Leopard Seal by TheKingdomOfGriffia  Floophorses - THEME DREAM by Kandy-Cube #1 6 2 By Kandy Cube-db6occq by lalacat2000

Ignore the light colored text^^

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~Looking for special beans~

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 12:15 PM

Hello guys! I have been dying to get some beans forever now so I write this journal where I offer some stuff for some beans and if you have the beans I am looking for and want to trade, I will be more than happy!^^

Here is what I am looking for:

Dream beans~
Star bean by griffsnuff  Hollow bean by griffsnuff  Glowbean by griffsnuff  Skull bean by griffsnuff
Love bean by griffsnuff
(hehe, I can dream)
If any of these are offered the chances are big I will accept your offer immediately!

What I can offer:

1. - I can offer art!
  (Just tell me what you would like, you can see examples of my art in my gallery)

2. - Creature designs

3. - 1x Dye bean by griffsnuff 
4. - 1x Hair dye potion by griffsnuff
5. - 1x Body dye potion by griffsnuff

6. - This floophorse
157 Floophorse by PickledBeanTraded with WalkinWombat  for a starbean!

~ Comment what number(you can chose more than one) you're interested in and your offer below! ~

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~Bagbean wishlist~

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 11:36 AM

BB wishlist~
I'm jumping on the bandwagon, though this is mostly just to get the ideas out of my mind.

Type of bagbean: Common - Sunda Clouded Leopard
Bag or backpack: backpack
Colors: Different browns and greys, I would like the browns to be based of the actual animal's colors: (…). Pale green.
Gender: Boi!
Patterns/markings: Dark spots and stripes like the animal. And some diamond markings under his eyes in yellow colors.
Hairstyle: Semi normal fluffy/wild hair, semi dread locks. Wears a bandana with hair sticking out everywhere, it's hard to keep hair styled in a jungle 8P
Acessories: A neckless made out of bird skulls, bandaged arms. Something on his tail perhaps?
Teeth yes or no: Yes
Scars yes or no: One over his blind left eye and one on his tail.

Type of bagbean: Celestial- electric eel + wolverine
Bag or backpack: Bag
Colors: Browns, greys and dark red. Color and color placement based on the two animals.
Gender: female
Patterns/markings: lighter spots and eye markings. Some red and purple?
Hairstyle: dark brown, long, thick and wavy hair
Accessories: A sweater or scarf(or both?)
Teeth yes or no: yes
Scars yes or no: no

I can't stop you, but I would appreciate if you don't steal my ideas^^

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OC interview

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 3:59 PM

Tagged by :icon0-n-1-x:

Rules: Choose an OC. They must not lie! Title of journal is OC interview. Tag people at the end. Have fun. 
Selected character: Skylight (subject D-13)

Skylight by lalacat2000

1) What is your real name, what does it mean and what is your nickname?: 
"Subject D-13 was the original designation given to me by the mech that created me (Shockwave) I was one of the 24 predacon clones from Shockwave's underground lab, the only one that survived that is. Starscream and some of the verticons gave me the name Skylight, it was ment to mock me. I am not found of being in the sky and I prefer to stay out of well lit places, I enjoy dark environments. I was not happy with the name in the beginning but later, became used to it and decided to stick with it."

2) How old are you?:
"I am quite young in my new form, but my former self was 700 years old before I perished. I was never an original predacon from before Cybertron became advanced, I was created by the decepticons and sent to earth together with many other (created) predacons to defend the planet against autobots."

3) What's your favorite food?:
"Energon? I don't really think I can "eat" anything."

4) How about your favorite drink?:
"High grade energon. It helps silence the voices and memories from the past."

5) Who's your lover?:
"I have none, I was created to be a defensive killing-machine for the decepticons. I had no time, right or choice to find a sparkmate."

6) Have you kissed anyone?: 

7) Who was your childhood sweetheart?:
"I spent most of my sparkhood in a tube so... 
Uh, a young predacon mech that was sent to earth with me was the closest I have ever gotten to a friend or as you refer to as "childhood sweetheart". We were always stationed at the same watch points, and we had each other's backs no matter what."

8) Who's your favorite author?:
"What is an author?"

9) What's your biggest fear?: 
"Heights, I can't handle heights! Living on a gigant aircraft does not help, I am unable to hide my fear especially when I have to be present at the Nemesis flight deck. Most predacons are flyers and spend a lot of time in the air. I on the other hand is ground bound and unable to fly. My beast form is more of a digger and I specialize in attacks from bellow ground and echolocation."
10) Do you have any siblings?:
"I consider all predacons my siblings. We are so few left, we have to stick together."

11) Who's your hero?: 
"My hero? I wouldn't say hero, but I admire Lord Megatron's fierce, brutal fighting style. It is something extraordinary few opponents live to tell about."

12) And your worst enemy?:
"The autobots, Weel Jack and Ultra Magnus mostly. Their attempt at blowing up the lab I was being created in and kill all the predacons, me included, fueled my hate for their faction. I have never really held a grudge against them and their morals but after the explosion everything changed."
13) What about your best friend?: 
"Back to my current life, the closest person I have is Predaking, due to him and I both being predacons. I must admit he is rather protective over me and it gets annoying at times. But it is in the mech's coding to protect femmes of our species, even though femmes are the more dominant gender. Lets just say it can get frustrating sometimes."

14) What would you do if you met your creator?:
"I have met my creator, Shockwave. He gives me assignments and inform me about upcoming missions. He is actually one of the few decepticons I acknowledge and respect."

15)  What do you want to be when you grow up?: 
16) What's your worst nightmare?: 
"Dying and getting cloned or revived yet again. It is painful enough to live with the memories of my first death."

17) What's your lifelong dream?: 
"I always dreamt about seeing Cybertron with my own optics. In it's former glory or it's current state doesn't matter, I just want to see the origin of my kind."

18) And what would you do if it came true?: 
"I would enjoy every single second of it and cherish it with all of my spark."

19) Where do you like to relax?: 
"The few times I manage to sneak off the Nemesis I enjoy exploring the organic Earth vegetation called forests, the tall mountains and caves. I prefer darker environments where I am superior due to my echolocation."
20) What do you do most of the time?: 
"Work one way or another. Hunt autobots is my main function and what I do best. I am also qualified to drill for energon in energon mines if the verticons is in need of assistance. My heated claws can digg faster and trough harder minerals than their drills."

I tag:
Sorry guys ;w;

And sorry about any typos!

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Characters and Species (UFS/UFT/OTA)

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2017, 5:21 AM

I have way to many characters I don't use anymore so I am selling them. You can offer anything on all of these characters and species and if I like your offer I'll tell you, don't be mad if I don't chose your offer. Most of these characters are very old and some are not very well drawn.

Write your offer and the number of the character or species you want in the comments^^

1. Thunder Rising by lalacat2000 

2. Slimerockpup

3. Tungedyr New specie? by lalacat2000

4. Ripper (C) by lalacat2000

5. Halloween adopt 1#(Mine now) by lalacat2000

6. Species: Candyroo (Character is not for sale!) Candyroo Rainbow Mint Muffin by lalacat2000

7. Nala OC by lalacat2000

8. Plant pony Plant Pony by lalacat2000

9. Blobdog 1# (open) by lalacat2000

10. Jasper by lalacat2000


11. Titanium sketch by lalacat2000 Taken!

12. TF RID OC Hardbite by lalacat2000 Taken

13. Saber tooth femme maby Adopt by lalacat2000 Taken

14. Classywalk minicon keeping by lalacat2000

15. Minicon OC Digger by lalacat2000 Taken

16. Undertale Tenebris by lalacat2000

17. Undertale adopt(KEEPING) by lalacat2000

Fluffrygg Species:
18. Fluffrygg-species features guide by lalacat2000

Blobdogs species:
19. Blobdog species guide by lalacat2000

20. Swools species:
None of these characters are for sale!
Swool 01: Snow crystal CLOSED by lalacat2000  Swool 03: Sunset messenger CLOSED by lalacat2000  Swool 04: Lady Swool by lalacat2000  Swool 06: Guardian angel by lalacat2000  Swool (Corrupted) 05: Dark firework CLOSED by lalacat2000

21. Tungedyr:
The read one is not for sale!
Tungedyr (CLOSED) by lalacat2000  New specie? by lalacat2000

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BB Wishlist

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 6, 2017, 11:47 AM

A lot of people seem to make a wishlist, so I want to try my luck as well! X3
So this is a my dream bean ~;w;~

Bagbean type: Celestial
Bag backpack: waist bag (tufted deer + sakura tree)
Gender: female
Colors: Shades of pale brown, pink and black
Hair: Thick, long, semi wavy hair
Accessories: Knit Cardigan, folded just below elbow (hip length) maybe black. Small silver ear ring, and anything else fitting^^
Scars: Some scars on her forearms
Teeth: Small sharp ones
Mutation (if possibleX’3): Sprout. Sakura tree growing from her head like horns that bend back.
Personality:  She enjoy taking responsibility of her actions, and take pride in the work she do. She dedicates all her time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience. When she say she is going to get something done, she do it, meeting her obligations no matter the personal cost, and she are baffled by people who don’t hold their own word in the same respect. She prefers to have a few close friends rather than a lot.
Strengths- honest and direct, strong willed and dutiful, very responsible, calm and practical.
Weaknesses- Stubborn, somewhat insensitive, always by the book, often unreasonable blame herself.

If a celestial bean is too much, I would also love a common tufted deer bagbean with the description above XD

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BB meme

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2016, 2:16 PM

1. Do you have a bean?
yup, my precious child<3
293 - Pika by TheKingdomOfGriffia

2. If so, what's his/her name?
Her name is Pen (Penelope)~

3. Why did you name them that?
I liked the sound of it and in Norwegian Pen means pretty soooo

4. Favorite bean(s) ever? 
#333 Celestial Bagbean w/m - Wolfse by griffsnuff  #336 Mythical Bagbean w/c - Christmas cat by griffsnuff  #321 Celestial Bagbean w/m - Perfalepard by griffsnuff  #322 Floral Bagbean - Frosted Berries by griffsnuff
(and a lot more)

5. Least favorite? 
#288 Floral Bagbean - Oxe eye daisy CLOSED by griffsnuff
(I still like him though)

6. How many bagbeans have you drawn?
Lets just say a lot! I am to lazy to count.....8P

7. If you get a bean, what will it be based off?
I don't really like to share my ideas, but I can tell you that I am going to get a reserved leopard seal boy in the future ;)

8. What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean?(someone else's)
Harvest Dance Prompt - Let's Escape! by Kitkabean

9.What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean? (Yours)
I caught you by lalacat2000
I am not sure>3<

10. which is your favorite category:
common, floral, nomnom, celestial, mythical, flora mythical, item, geo.
Mythical and celestial!!

11. What do you like best about bagbeans? 
The great community and the amazing people!
12. Which is your favourite NPC?
Npc Bagbean - Wizard bean by griffsnuff

13. Does your bean have any companions? (If several, do they have a favorite?)

Cropea, Pickle~ Pickle by lalacat2000
Galaxy Gem hopper, Mira~ Very Griffia Event - #13 Gingerbread House by CylaDavenport

14. Is there a trial you're most excited for, or enjoyed doing the most?
I would love to do the soulmate trial sometime!

15. Does your bean have aspirations of becoming royalty?
I am sure Pen would love to become a royal BB but I don't think she could ever act like one.

16. Favourite beanutation? Least favorite?
Long claws, long fur and spikes <3

Sprout and double heads, not so much

17. Floopdragons or Manyheadfloops?

Now tag 3 other bean lovers! 
CylaDavenport  Captian-Cardshark  PrideAlchemist7 

Bagbean meme by TheCrazyCatCow and RestartBob

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Bagbean seeking relationships

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 2:05 PM

293 - Pika by TheKingdomOfGriffia
Bagbean TRACKER: Pen

Pen already has a lot of friends but we both wouldn't mind more<3
She could really need a rival that would challenge her and make her to do new things that's out of her comfort zone.

- Rivals (someone who would annoy and/or fight her)
- Soulmate : male (not sure yet, but feel free to comment)

Please fill out the form below:

Bean (pic):

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 12:35 PM

I have seen a lot of people make one of these so I wanted to give it a shot as well!
Here are some of my wishes

Perhaps some art of my babu alone or together with other beans:
293 - Pika by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Dream/unrealistic wishes:

-Get a custom slot for a celestial bagbean, I have wanted one for a while.
-A lovebean.
-A starbean or hollowbean.
-A gem hopper, a floophorse, a cafluffle or a bunblemoth.
-A Christmas themed bagbean.

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Bagbean Requests ~OPEN~

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2016, 5:58 AM

Hello fellow bagbean lovers!

I'm sick and bored out of my mind so I'm opening requests for BB only! 
I don't feel well enough to work on commissions right now, I apologize for the long wait:')

If you are interested please link your BB in the comments below, this is not a first come first serve so please don't be upset if I don't pick you^^

BB requests by lalacat2000

BB requests 2 by lalacat2000

BB requests 3 by lalacat2000

Chibi surprise:
BB chibi surprise by lalacat2000


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Bagbean TRACKER: Pen

Sun Nov 13, 2016, 4:47 AM
Pika by lalacat2000

Name: Penelope
Nickname/s: Pen (most used)
Owner: lalacat2000 
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 68cm
Species: Bagbean
Type: Common
Bag type: Bag
Mutations: none

LVL: 1
Magic path: Not ready
Weapon of choice:

City of origin: Pinto
Political status: commoner

Personality WIP:
Cute, funny, prankster, caring.
She is really stubborn and won't back down from an argument even though she knows she is wrong. She is pretty childish and loves to joke around. She is a little careless sometimes. Loves flowers and making bouquets for herself and other beans.
Likes to take walks in the mountains. Prefers being in cold environment.

Creation information: Original design for sale
Desginer: @giffsnuff
Former owners:



HP: 10
Attack: Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Speed: Pixel bean by griffsnuff Pixel bean by griffsnuff Pixel bean by griffsnuff Pixel bean by griffsnuff Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Stealth: Pixel bean by griffsnuff Pixel bean by griffsnuff Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Defense: Pixel bean by griffsnuff 







0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
300 Peas = Baron
500 Peas = Duke/dutchess
1000+ Peas = Royal


Magic items


Time beans = None
Watering counter = None
Tree status = None
Tree art count = None


430 - Leopard Seal by TheKingdomOfGriffialalacat2000 
He has been my friend as long as I can remember, I don't mind spending the rest of my life with him by my side <3

Friends (+ Pen's personal notes):
#229 Bagbean - Great blue heron by griffsnuff~ Captian-Cardshark 
Where do I begin, this bird lady is like a sister to me! Her personality is indescribable and she is the best! Yeah thats right, back off, she is all mine >:3
#304 Bagbean - Microraptor by griffsnuff~ Eva26x 
The coolest dinosaur I know>3<
#303 Charity Nomnom Bagbean w/c- Hot Cocoa by griffsnuff ~ CylaDavenport 
She is such a sweet person, and her colors are GOALS (I have to collect more potions and beans)

#297 Bagbean - Norwegian Forestcat by griffsnuff~ AicaraCalatia
A great friend, I love to make cat puns when I'm around him

039 - Rosy Maple Moth by TheKingdomOfGriffia~ Moothic
My name buddy<3

028 - Vampire Bat by TheKingdomOfGriffia~ TheCrazyCatCow 
Oh my, the pranks our genius minds come up with, he is the greatest prankster that has ever lived! (well besides me and Aiak)
#227 w/m X2 Bagbean - Silver fox by griffsnuff~ PrideAlchemist7 
The great fluffy fox that gives the best, soft hugs evah!
#236 - Bagbean - MYO 2 by griffsnuffPrideAlchemist7 
My favorite sprout. As the great friend I am I usually throw him in the air so that he can live his dream and fly~

#92 Bagbean - Stellers jay by griffsnuff WolfLover595
The dude with great music! Also my friend!

#295 Celestial Bagbean - Wolfsnail DTA 7 CLOSED by griffsnuff anneartz
Sweet, loving and floathing bean with exciting ears

#184 Bagbean w/mutation - Raindeer by griffsnuff @picklewesel360
Caring, big brother role, looking out for me

8d471b037da77b895e0865d1c35852bc-damqc6g by Kitkabean Kitkabean 
Adoptive brother, great friend, caring

1 p by SoundOfTheCrocodile SoundOfTheCrocodile
Teasing brother role, a little annoying but lovely non the less

#311 Bagbean - Corgi by griffsnuffnatapew 
Fellow bodyguard of Toby and someone to bring on adventures


276 - Firefly by TheKingdomOfGriffia StyxLady 
Annoying bugbean that is always showing off her weapons, man I wish I had some weapons >:v

Companions :
Pickle by lalacat2000Pickle
Very Griffia Event - #13 Gingerbread House by CylaDavenportMira

Allies : none
(the following requires taming : Puffshimis, eeks )
Magic Familliar : none

Identity trial ~ Pen identity trial- all in one
  Identity certificate by griffsnuff
Bulder trial
Discovery trial
Lesser Magic trial
Advanced magic trial
Occupation trial
Market trial
Lovebean hatching trial
Soulmate trial
Allies trial


Chakra training
Skill training
Weapon training
Mag point training
Elemental training


Smelting class
Bottle making class
Potion making class
Egg hatching class
Cooking class
Herbalism class
Magic jewling class


Little Pen by lalacat2000x4 Two Beans (video link below) by lalacat2000 x28  Pretty bean 1 by lalacat20007x Pretty bean 3 by lalacat2000 x0  Companion training LV11 by lalacat2000 x88 Crafty sunday by lalacat2000 x2 
BB doodles by lalacat2000 2x Squad time by lalacat20003x Pen identity trial- all in one by lalacat2000 x28 Pickle by lalacat2000x2 WIP snowball by lalacat2000 x0 Crafty sunday by lalacat2000 x2 Sweet hopper by lalacat2000x1


Headstand by PillowRabbit  Random bean 109 by Eva26x Tippy Toes by Bennyislove  Elfed Bagbeans by anneartz Gift Giving Event by TheCrazyCatCow  #1 December Prompt - Christmas Card by Anna7334  Gift event by Eva26x  Mini Bagbean: Pen! by blissfoxx  (WHERE's WALLY?) Dec. Event by WalkinWombat  Beanieeee by LegendaryMew  The Bean who stole Christmas (Gift Event) by Snorechu


Eva26x - gift by lalacat2000

Yummy by lalacat2000  Give me a kiss by lalacat2000  Answer 2 by lalacat2000  Snowy dawn by lalacat2000  Long hair by lalacat2000 Tinsel queen by lalacat2000

  Mythical Couple by lalacat2000  Prince Whisp~ by lalacat2000 Just hanging around by lalacat2000 I come in peace by lalacat2000 Cute plants by lalacat2000 Hello there by lalacat2000

Soft scarf by lalacat2000 Candy corn by lalacat2000 Cropea concept for anneartz by lalacat2000 Cropea concept for Eva26x by lalacat2000 Christmas card by lalacat2000  Squad time by lalacat2000

  BB chibi surprise by lalacat2000  BB requests 3 by lalacat2000  Pretty bean 3 by lalacat2000  Pretty bean 2 by lalacat2000  Pretty bean 1 by lalacat2000  Little red riding bean  by lalacat2000  BB requests 2 by lalacat2000  BB requests by lalacat2000  Skype Icon entry by lalacat2000 2. Icon for wintricacy by lalacat2000  The goodbye 4# by lalacat2000  Rihanna chibi by lalacat2000  Crazy witchdoctor by lalacat2000  The lovebean 1# by lalacat2000  I caught you by lalacat2000  Life hurts a lot more than death by lalacat2000 Rihanna icon by lalacat2000  Uh hi by lalacat2000  New companion by lalacat2000
Icon for wintricacy by lalacat2000  Don't worry, I'll help you by lalacat2000  Happy B-day Griff by lalacat2000  Enreeu commission 3 by lalacat2000  Boo by lalacat2000  Decoration for Halloween by lalacat2000  Giftart flowers by lalacat2000 Tobi AT by lalacat2000  Enreeu Commission 2 by lalacat2000  Enreeu Comission by lalacat2000  Your journey lies ahead by lalacat2000 Helix icon by lalacat2000 Taking a walk by lalacat2000  Leopard gecko DTA entry transparent by lalacat2000 

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not mine!
  • Listening to: idk
Hi everyone! I have been wanting another BB for quite some time now and I was wondering if you could help me^^

Since I always seem to miss the customs when they are open I would really appreciate if you guys would be willing to help me out. If you could reserve a slot for me when Griffsnuff opens them again I would forever be grateful, I can offer art if needed (flat colored headshots or full body sketches.)
I am buying the slot with my ticket(Free Design Ticket by griffsnuff) so just reserve it in my name and say that I'll use the ticket^^

I want celestial bagbean so bad and I have an idea of what I would like ;w;

Please comment below if you would like to help me~<s wytiwyg="1">
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I am in love with Bagbeans and I have to do more art of others beans as well so I'm opening commissions!

I'll be taking 5 slots this time
1. :iconenreeu: ~ finished
2. :iconenreeu: ~ finished
3. :iconenreeu: ~ paid
4. :iconwintricacy: ~ paid
5. :iconwintricacy: ~ paid

- This is first come first serve
- Only Bagbeans and their companions
- Please don't be sad or mad if you don't get a slot
- I will start drawing after I have retrieved payment

Rihanna icon by lalacat2000
Sitting and blinking icon

Uh hi by lalacat2000

New pet no colors by lalacat2000
Colorless and shaded sketch
150Points (+30Points each companion)

New companion by lalacat2000
Colored and shaded sketch
300Points (+50Points each companion)
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WIP of a mini sculpture of my new bagbean Rihanna! I have never made a sculpture before so I have no idea how this is going to turn out>w<
I randomly found a package of air drying hobby clayXD
#207 Bagbean - Rhino DTA #6 CLOSED by griffsnuff
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-1. You have to post ALL the rules

-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves

-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer

-4. Choose 13 people

-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people

-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags

-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED

-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry

-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks

-10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal

Questions for me:

1. Your Favorite food?

2. Favorite drink?
Pepsi(not pepsi MAX!)

3. Favorite candy?
Sour cherries<3

4. The absolutely worst movie you have ever seen?
Sharknado, it is horrible in my opinion! But I have seen many bad movies in my life!

4. Have you ever tried to pull a door that says push?
Oh yes, more than once! We have a door like this at my school and I fail to opening it at least once a day!

5. Traditional or Digital drawings are your favorite?
I like traditional the most.

6. Do you prefer music with or without lyrics?
With lyrics.

7. Have you ever been so sick that you have slept in the bathroom?
Yes once, but I weren't really sick just a little. Apparently I snored loudly because I couldn't breath trough my nose and my roommates forced me to sleep in the bathroom.

8. Do you like cotton candy?
Of course X3

9. Do you prefer shoes or bare foot?
Idk I like both>w<

10. Your favorite childhood toy?
Dinosaurs and dragons!

11. Cats, dogs, reptiles, fish or rodents?
Cats! I just got two new kittens!>^<

12. Your favorite element?
I guess water cause it beats fire and it is cool?

13. What is your favorite daydream?
Being a badass character in Game Of Thrones that doesn't die!

I am too lazy to tag anyone

I tag:





(Hope you don't mind, you don't have to if you don't want^^)

My questions for you:
1. Your best childhood memory?
2. What country do you want to travel to?
3. Your favorite animal?
4. When I say Norway, what is the first ting you think about (just curious>w<)
5. Kitten or puppy?
6. What year did you join DA?
7. Game of Thrones yes or no?
8. Your main oc came to life for a day, what would you two do?
9. If someone you didn't know hugged you on the street, what would you do?
10. This is random but if you had to chose, white or black?
11. Have you ever colored your hair?
12. Do you have any pets?
13. What country were you born in?
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Comic idea!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 3, 2016, 7:07 AM

I have wanted to make a comic for a long time now and I got this idea. 

The plot takes place after TF RID season 2 and is mainly about a bunch of OCs teaming up after a big meteor storm and crash landing on Earth. And it would be other peoples OC's as well as mine.

There will be conflicts, adventures, OC decepticon encounters and lots of other stuff. My main OC will be neutral but the other OC's can be anything.  I am not sure if I should do them traditional or digital yet.

I would need help with the grammar and ideas but if this would work it could be amazing!

I have sketched the two first pager and my main OC, please tell me what you think^^

Comic concept by lalacat2000

(Riot, the two wheeler is my main OC)

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Should I do simple custom adopts?

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 2:09 PM

Should I do some simple (or more detailed) custom adopts? What do you think i should do?

If I am going to do some I am not sure if I should do them traditional without color or digital with color.
The digital ones would be cost more.
Digital:Kitty adopt(OPEN) by lalacat2000  Traditional:Predacon adopts(CLOSED) by lalacat2000

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